The Game That Can Change Your Life

Discover the power of transformational intention in a joyful high tea setting

Gain Awareness and Deep Insights to Transform Your Life

An elaborate board game, where the players help each other instead of competing

You feel supported and guided throughout the process

Full of depth to help you increase awareness and gain valuable insights

A small group of 4-7 participants


Retreat from the everyday reality to gain fresh, new perspectives

A joyful day of play and celebration from 11:11 until 18:18

High tea consisting of UNLIMITED coffee, tea, JUICE, PASTRIES, FRUIT AND healthy snacks

a beautiful and serene setting of lamatu coaching practice allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience

English Edition

An unforgettable experience in an international group
per person
  • A joyful day of play from 11:11 until 18:18
  • Full support of a professional coach
  • A small group of 4 - 8 participants
  • A workshop booklet with journaling exercises
  • Hand-made intention candle
  • All materials needed to play the game
  • Seasonal decorations to help you celebrate the holiday in a special way
  • High tea experience including unlimited, coffee, tea, juice, pastries, fruit and healthy snacks

Nederlandse Editie

Omdat het makkelijk is om gewoon Nederlands te praten
per persoon
  • Een leuk en speels dag vanaf 11:11 tot 18:18
  • Ondersteuning van een professionele coach
  • Kleine groep van of 4 - 8 deelnemners
  • Workshop booklet met zelf refleksie schrijfoefeningen
  • Handgemaakt briefkaars om je intentie op te schrijven
  • Alle spelbenodigheden
  • Sfeervolle decoraties om een leuk sfeer te creëren
  • "High tea" ervaring met onbeperkt koffie, thee, sapjes, gebak, fruit en gezonde snacks

Edycja Polska

Unikatowe warsztaty w grupie polskojęzycznej w centrum Amsterdamu
od osoby
  • Dzień pozytywnych wrażeń od 11:11 do 18:18
  • Pełne wsparcie doświadczonego coacha
  • Mała grupa 4 - 8 osób
  • Materiały z ćwiczeniami do autorefleksji
  • Świeczka z papieru woskowego do zapisania intencji
  • Wszystkie materiały potrzebne do gry
  • Nastrojowy wystrój wnętrza i świąteczne dekoracje
  • Kawa, herbata, soki, owoce, wypieki i zdrowe przekąski w formie otwartego bufetu

All prices including 21% VAT (BTW)

LaMatu Life Coach Practice Amsterdam West

Client Testimonials

Read about the impressions of previous participants of the workshops at LaMatu.

Monika guided all of us in such a wonderful way, we were able to engage in the moment without discomfort or fear.

— Betty (44)

I got many insights and confirmations during the game, from the cards and through the interaction with the other players. There are so many levels!

— Roel (45)

10 / 10 stars for hospitality and providing a truly wonderful atmosphere to allow us all to fully enjoy the experience.

— Gabi (33)

It was a beautiful experience. I am really impressed by how effortlessly the questions seemed to arise and how powerful they were.

— Rositsa (36)

Owing to a calm and welcoming demeanour, Monika easily creates a space for sharing and transparency.

— Sam (39)

Wow, what a journey through one's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, magically exposing where the strengths and wins are on each plane.

— Roel (45)

Monika is a great coach and I deeply value the experience I had, which has set me on a new course. Thank you Monika for your energy, guidance and support.

— Betty (44)

She is genuinely interested in the wellbeing of others. Monika encourages people to see their problems clearly and to take responsibility.

— Sanna (47)

I was very fortunate to experience the Transformation Game. Besides it being an eye-opening experience, I made new friends that day - the cherry on top!

— Betty (44)

Monika as a coach, has a unique combination of the right skillset, experience and desire to create transformation through her coaching.

— Pratik (28)

Thanks Monika for the great guidance during the game, creating the safe environment without interfering with the process so the group was be able to play full out.

— Roel (45)

Monika is a great workshop facilitator and game master. She is friendly, open and can stay objective at the same time.

— Gabi (33)

There was so much openness and exploration in the session, while at the same time there was a clear focus, which led me to the solution.

— Rositsa (36)

Monika has an active way of listening. I really felt that every single word I said was being heard and resonated with her.

— Sanna (47)

I appreciate Monika for helping to bring clarity where needed in the game itself but also with the personal insights. I had a wonderful time!

— Roel (45)

Her compassionate, trusting and open-hearted attitude made me want to stick to my commitments by tapping into my own intrinsic motivation.

— Kim (36)

Curious how you can benefit from the experience? Join the Transformation Game and transform the way you play the game of life.

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Take your seat at the table. Join the Transformation Game workshop and transform the way you play the game of life.

— Your Name (Your Age)
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Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the workshop.
We aim to start the game at 11:11 with an intention-setting ritual, so please aim to be here by 11:00 a.m. The entire game can take up to 7 hours, so that you can make it home for a reasonably late dinner. Please allow yourself the time and space to enjoy the game in a relaxed and undistracted way. I recommend not to plan any other activities on the same evening so that you can be fully present for yourself and other players until the very end. We will be taking several breaks during the day. It is up to the group to decide how often and for long we pause. The food and drinks are served throughout the game in a form of a buffet, so there is no need for a formal meal breaks.
Please take some time ahead of the workshop to determine what kind of transformation you are seeking in your life. The clearer your intention, the more powerful the game will be. I recommend starting with a topic that deeply matters to you. The topic may be related to any facet of life such as relationships, work, finances, lifestyle, habits, health & wellbeing or your physical environment such as your home.
Do you know that you want to create change in your life but find it difficult to formulate a clear intention? Don’t worry. A positive intention, no matter how vague it may initially sound, is already a good start!
Simply come as you are. Everything that is needed for the day is taken care of. If you use reading glasses or contact lenses, they may come in handy. You may want to bring a tiny personal object that has a special meaning for you, and use it instead of a regular pawn, such as a family ring or a crystal. The object should not be larger than 1 cm, so that it can nicely fit onto the board. If you can’t think of any special object that you would like to use, I have sufficient pawns for everyone to play with. You will receive a booklet with some writing exercises and a pencil from me, but if you prefer to make notes in your personal journal, please bring it with you.
Is there anything I need to know, such as allergies, dietary requirements or other special needs? Please let me know at least 3 days in advance and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.
Please follow the “Sign up” button to confirm your chosen date. You will then be asked to process online payment. An upfront payment of the full amount is required to guarantee your seat.
LaMatu processes online payments using the services of Mollie B.V., a company that provides digital transactions, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During your online registration process you will be redirected to an external site managed by Mollie B.V. You may choose one of the following online payment methods: iDEAL, credit card, PayPal, SEPA Bank Transfer, Bancontact and Przelewy24.
LaMatu issues invoices for all of its coaching services. The invoice will feature the BTW (VAT) amount and can therefore be used for filling in your tax declaration and claiming tax deductions. If you would like the invoice to be addressed to your company, as opposed to you as an individual, please kindly provide the necessary contact information upfront.
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