LaMatu offers a variety of coaching formats, including in-person and online service. Face-to-face conversations may be scheduled either as an in-company session in the office or at Equals Clubhouse in the centre of Amsterdam. This quiet, private setting, hidden away in plain sight in hustle and bustle of the city centre, allows for full confidentiality and undistracted focus.

Central Location in Amsterdam

The conveniently central location at the very heart of Amsterdam is easy to reach by bike or public transport. 


Equals Clubhouse

Raamgracht 6 

1011 HZ Amsterdam 

Outdoor Coaching Sessions in Westerpark

As an alternative to the traditional face-to-face in the coaching practice, LaMatu offers an alternative outdoor session format in Westerpark. This type of a coaching conversation takes place during a walk in the park at your own, natural pace. This format allows you to get moving and discover the answers to your questions in a natural way, walking side-by-side with the coach.


Westerpark is one of the most popular Amsterdam parks among the locals. Besides beautiful water features and greenery it offers plenty inspiration. It’s not only a perfect spot for a leisurely walk, but also an ultimate destination for foodies with its famous Sunday food market and many bars and restaurants. With its cinema, museum, art galleries and festivals it is also a major cultural hotspot.

LaMatu Life Coach Practice Amsterdam West

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