International Women’s Network Mentorship Programme Kick-off

06/03/2023 6:30 pm

Online, Zoom



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Join the kick-off session of the International Global Mentorship Programme on Monday, 16th of March, 2023. This event is organised by the Professional Women’s Network in the Netherlands Society. Monika Matuszewska from LaMatu will be participating at this initiative in the capacity of a mentor.


What: A kick-off session

When: Monday, 6th of March, 2023

Where: Online Zoom Meeting

Who: LaMatu & Professional Women’s Network




PWN Global’s city networks have run successful mentoring programmes in their respective city networks for many years. Whether group mentoring, or one-2-one mentoring, the organisation’s local programmes have supported many PWN members to achieve their career goals. The International Mentoring Program will last for 4 months, starting from March 2023 and will close by the end of June 2023. The International Mentoring Programme aims to support female members of PWN, at all levels of their career, to find their ways to progress, develop their leadership and decision-making skills, and embrace their growth in an international environment.


The programme offers participants various occasions to leverage their mentoring experience. For instance, you will be trained as a mentee and receive a mentee toolkit. You will also benefit from the experiences of other mentees at virtual mentee gatherings that will give you the chance to exchange views on mentoring and on how to develop a career internationally. PWN provides an effective mentoring structure to ensure that you get the most out of your mentoring experience, by calling upon a wide range of mentors, ensuring the best possible match for you, and following up on your progress through the mentoring cycle.


Although, the mentoring pairs will be completely free to organise themselves, we recommend that you meet virtually once every 4 to 6 weeks, which means about 5 times in total. The duration of your meetings is up to you. From our experience, an effective meeting may last between 45 and 90 minutes. We suggest you use platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Videoconferencing helps to create a stronger bond as you will be able to see each other. You may also exchange emails, text messages in-between meetings.




Why embark on a journey as a mentee?

  • – Are you making/Do you want to make a career step abroad?
  • – Do you feel the need to grow your leadership in an international context?
  • – Do you want to reinforce your decision-making skills in a multicultural environment?


What benefits do you receive as a mentee? 

  • – Benefit from another female leader’s experience in managing her career internationally.
  • – Have a “safe place” to ask questions, share ideas, and discuss challenges in a confidential setting.
  • – Collect useful advice, avoid traps, and therefore improve your chances of transforming efficiently
  • – Acquire new perspectives on how to grow inside and outside your organisation.
  • – Expand your network internationally and build professional relationships.
  • – Get tips on how to adapt – both professionally, and personally – to another country, and manage cultural differences
  • – Work with someone experienced to decode some of the transversal dynamics of an international position, together with culturally specific power games that may arise.


Some of the characteristics we expect from a mentee are:

  • – Having already made a career step abroad or willing to develop your career internationally in the coming year
  • – Be committed to engaging with your mentor, both in terms of time and actions
  • – Taking the ownership of your self-development
  • – Willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone
  • – Eager to learn from others’ experiences
  • – Ready to engage with a mentor potentially from a different nationality and/or living in a different country




Why embark on a journey as a mentor?

  • – Do you enjoy developing people?
  • – Do you feel your international experience as a leader could benefit other women managers?
  • – Do you believe that women should network more actively across the globe?


What benefits do you receive as a mentor? 

  • – Share your international experience while giving back to society and advancing gender balanced leadership
  • – Experience the personal fulfilment of supporting another woman in developing her skills and career
  • – Contribute to the realisation of another woman’s potential
  • – Get the pleasure of seeing your “protégé” face her challenges successfully
  • – Develop your own leadership skills as a mentor
  • – Get additional insights on your industry, or some new insights from a different arena


The mentors are selected on the basis if the following criteria:

  • – Having already experienced 3-5 years in a European or International career
  • – Having worked with teams in minimum 2 different countries or having worked regularly in 4 different countries
  • – Being a people manager (directly/indirectly)
  • – Being committed to your engagement with your mentee both in terms of time and dedication
  • – Eager to share your experiences, best practices and lessons learnt
  • – Ready to open your own network to your mentee
  • – Skilled in providing honest feedback and open guidance
  • – Ability to quickly create a trustworthy relationship with a non-judgmental attitude
  • – Ready to engage with a mentee potentially from a different nationality and/or living in a different country




Professional Women’s Network is a global movement of people working towards gender-balanced leadership through professional development and international, cross-industry, online and in-person networking. PWN Netherlands is part of the PWN Global organisation.


PWN offers its members the opportunity to join a community of ambitious professionals passionate about continuing their professional development journey. You can partner with like-minded individuals to gain new insights and develop new skills, explore areas of professional concern and frustration, and work together to identify options for innovative new solutions!


As a member of the PWN Global community you can access a ready-built support network that will help you achieve your professional aspirations and earn from a wealth of practical advice on how to deal with inequality in the workplace. As a corporate partner you get to access in-depth knowledge to support your organisation in putting gender balance at the very core of your operations. Connect, share, learn, advance – yourself and the world!


Visit the official website of PWN Nethelands to find out more about their programmes:




This is a members-only programme intended for the members of the PWN Netherlands.  You will receive the details including the agenda and location after your registration in the programme is accepted.


To be part of the International Mentoring Programme, you need to have your PWN Premium Membership or your Online Membership active.  The fee to take part in the International Mentoring Programme is €200, payable prior to the start of the program.


To register in the Mentoring Program 2022, fill in and submit the application form and submit your payment of €200.

International Women’s Network Mentorship Programme Kick-off

06/03/2023 6:30 pm

Online, Zoom



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