ESADE Alumni Club: Workshop Identify Your Strengths – 29.11.2023

29/11/2023 6:30 pm

Room Mate Aitana Hotel, Amsterdam

IJDok 6 1013 MM Amsterdam

Free for ESADE alumni

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Join the interactive workshop “Identify your strengths for your next career move” organised by ESADE Alumni Club Amsterdam on Wednesday, 19th of November 2023, led by professional coach Monika Matuszewska from LaMatu. This workshop is a part of the series of masterclasses and workshops organised by members of the Amsterdam city chapter of the ESADE Alumni.  This event is intended for graduates of ESADE living in the Netherlands interested in discovering and leveraging their strengths.


Gain deeper awareness into your character strengths and learn to successfully apply them during job interviews, in the workplace and your daily life. This practical, hands-on workshop is focused on identifying personal strengths and provides the participants with the self-confidence and practical tools to help them leverage their strengths. Expect to leave the event with new ideas to carefully plan and steer your career and make an impact in business.


Does any of the dilemmas described below sound familiar to you?

  • · Is it better to work on weaknesses or leverage your strengths?
  • · How to talk about your strengths without sounding boastful or arrogant?
  • · How to answer the most dreaded job interview question “Tell us about your weaknesses”?
  • · Do you have some character traits that you’d like to improve, but somehow something is sabotaging your ability to make and sustain positive change?


What can you expect?

  • · Learn to identify and fully own your strengths and weaknesses
  • · Gain new insights and learn from others
  • · Practical tools for developing your strengths
  • · An opportunity for empowering self-reflection
  • · A chance to practice talking about both your strengths and weaknesses in a genuine way
  • · A safe space where all opinions can be openly expressed and are equally respected
  • · Feeling supported by the coach and other participants
  • · Some practical tools to take away home and apply directly in your daily life
  • · A boost of positive inspiration and empowerment!


We will expose some common myths such as:

  • · Are “soft skills” and “strengths” an oxymoron?
  • · Can “female” qualities such as intuition, empathy or creativity be valued in the workplace?
  • · How to become more aware of your weaknesses? How to work with the weaknesses without becoming too critical and harsh on yourself?
  • · Is there such a thing as “too much of a good thing”?




18:30 – doors open

19:00 – 19:05 – introduction of ESADE Alumni Club Amsterdam

19:05 – 19:10 – welcome and intro Monika Matuszewska from LaMatu

19:10 – 19:55 – part 1 of the workshop

19:55 – 20:05 – break

20:05 – 20:40 – part 2 of the workshop

20:40 – 21:30 – networking drinks

21:30 – end of networking part



Room Mate Aitana Hotel

IJDok 6

1013 MM Amsterdam

The Netherlands



This workshop will be conducted in English. Professional working proficiency of English is required for participation.



We’d like to inform you that during our physical events some photography and recordings may be taken and therefore may contain your image. Please notify us at the start of an event if you prefer not to be featured and we will seat you accordingly.



This event is intended for active members of the ESADE Alumni Club. This workshop only open to ESADE Alumni members \who pay the association’s membership. After the session, ESADE Alumni will sponsor 1 drink per person. Reserve your spot using the “Sign up” button.



ESADE Alumni is a global community of responsible leaders working together to improve and have a significant impact on organizations and society. The organisation counts more than 78,000 alumni worldwide, connected by a common purpose that extends globally. It creates new synergies, by expanding and strengthening its network, being present on all five continents through our campuses, clubs, and chapters. ESADE Alumni fosters collaboration amongst its 78,000 alumni worldwide and its partners to continue growing and to enhance our positive impact on society. Together they share a common identity, motivations, and principles: an unwavering commitment to build, an open vision, and a vital need to set new daily goals to grow and progress in a responsible and sustainable manner.


The foundational values of ESADE are in its DNA: an unwavering commitment to build, an open vision, and a vital need to set new daily goals to grow and progress in a responsible and sustainable way. It works to create a more prosperous and just society, empower the network to carry out its social and entrepreneurial projects, thereby contributing to business progress and generating a positive impact on society. It continues to strengthen its social commitment by facilitating the exchange of value within the community, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and addressing the debate on the significant challenges we face. The organisation does it guided by unique values, exercising responsible leadership committed to the development of our organizations and society. It prides itself on being a vibrant, responsible, and committed professional community.


  • · Growing and advancing in your development as a responsible leader: Within the community, we have a dedicated team and specific resources to provide us with the necessary tools to focus our careers towards achieving our professional goals.
  • · Learning and improving through knowledge: We utilize the network to stay up to date. We understand that staying current is a key factor for today’s professionals, so we keep the doors open to our seminars, classes, and events to keep our Esade Alumni community always updated.
  • · Connecting and adding value and impact through networking: United by a common purpose that extends globally, together we form an open and active network that supports its members, creates opportunities, and promotes the exchange of experiences to enhance the relational value of the community. Lean on the network, reach out to other alumni, and make the most of it.
  • · Contributing and adding value to the community: Whether as a member of a club, a chapter, a participant in a social project, an investor, mentor, or entrepreneur, by participating in our groups and projects, we are contributing to the development of our community as a whole, generating knowledge, and enriching all its members.
  • · Making an impact and leaving our mark on society: Our common project is to drive the community to generate a positive impact on society and contribute to business progress, with the aim of achieving a more responsible, just, sustainable, and innovative society.


ESADE Alumni Club: Workshop Identify Your Strengths – 29.11.2023

29/11/2023 6:30 pm

Room Mate Aitana Hotel, Amsterdam

IJDok 6 1013 MM Amsterdam

Free for ESADE alumni

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