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Cashflow Game – St. Patrick’s Day Edition – 17.03.2024

17/03/2024 11:11 am

Space for Change, Amsterdam

Jacob Van Lennepkade 340-H


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Special St. Patrick’s Day Edition of the Cashflow Game at LaMatu


Join the special St. Patrick’s Day edition of the cashflow game workshop in Amsterdam. Don’t expect the luck of the Irish to help you find a pot of gold somewhere over the rainbow… Instead, get ready for an afternoon of experiential learning in a fun atmosphere.


“Money swore an oath, that no one who did not love money should have her.”
―Irish proverb


The Cashflow Game helps you raise your financial IQ. This game teaches, in a fun and entertaining way to exit the rat race and achieve financial freedom. It’s about looking at your financial choices, seeing how you react to different scenarios and using these insights for your own growth, transforming the way you play the money game in your real life. This board game is played between 4-7 players in a fun way, with a healthy dose of competitive spirit. The event is held at a location of a coaching practice in Amsterdam West and facilitated by a certified professional coach.



The Rules of the Game


The creators of the board game designed it as a fun, interactive tool to raise your financial IQ. The game teaches, in a fun and entertaining way, Robert Kiyosaki’s recipe to exit the rat race and achieve financial freedom. His formula is simple: have more cash flowing in every month from our investments than was flowing out in living expenses. During the game you master the ability to acquire cash-generating assets that put money into your pocket while eliminating the liabilities that keep draining your wallet.


The cashflow game helps you gain understanding of the differences between the three types of income: earned, portfolio, and passive. Money you make working at a job or owning a small business is called earned income. Earned income, while being the most common ways of earning, is only one of possible income streams. Another way is portfolio income, which is how stock traders traditionally make their money by buying and selling stocks.


According to Robert Kiyosaki, the creator of the game, while you can make a lot of money with trading stocks, it’s not how the rich become truly wealthy. It is thanks to the passive income, or cashflow, that the players of the Cashflow Game can become financially free and enjoy a life free from financial struggles. According to the design of the game earning sufficient passive income is the trick that allows the players to exit the miserably tedious Rat Race and then swoosh through the Fast Track.


Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, first published over 25 years ago, has been a #1 bestseller worldwide in the category of personal finances.


As Rich Dad said, “Money may not be the most important thing in life, but it affects everything that is.” Our intent is through the Rich Dad teachings that the most important things in your life never suffer because of a lack of money, but instead thrive and prosper.

– Robert Kiyosaki


What Are the Gains?


  • + Elevate your financial well-being
  • + Accelerate your financial education and raise your financial IQ
  • + Simulate different scenarios in a zero-risk environment
  • + Discover what financial habits are keeping you stuck in the Rat Race
  • + Change your spending habits and limit money-sucking liabilities
  • + Understand how to turn the income from your job into positive passive income
  • + Practice and master the ability to acquire cash-flowing assets
  • + Adopt a new mindset that can help you reach your financial goals




Time is money. While the game may take anything between 4 to 7 hours, consider the time spent playing accelerated learning as you will get to simulate a whole life in a matter of hours. It is best to set some quiet time for yourself in the evening and not to plan other social engagements in the evening directly after the game. This will allow you the space to be fully immersed in the experience and get the most of your time investment.



Workshop Venue

Space for Change

Jacob Van Lennepkade 340-H

1053 NJ Amsterdam



Lunch Venue

Staring at Jacob

Jacob Van Lennepkade 215

1054 ZP Amsterdam




This workshop will be conducted in English. Professional working proficiency of English is required for participation.


A Sunday Afternoon Well Spent
  • + A unique, fun and educational experience
  • + A joyful day of play from 11:11 until 18:18
  • + A small group of 4-7 participants
  • + A unique, fun and educational experience
  • + Held at a hip location at the heart of Amsterdam West
  • + Full support of a professional coach throughout the game




Your investment: €123 incl. VAT (BTW)


Included in the ticket price:

  • + All materials needed to play the game
  • + Workshop booklet
  • + Hot and cold drinks at the venue


Excluded from the ticket price:

  • + Lunch at Staring at Jacob, for which a group reservation has been made. Each participant pays for their own consumption out of their own pocket at the restaurant.


The best investment you can make in today’s volatile world is taking your financial education in your own hands. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Are you ready to take your seat at the table?


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
― Benjamin Franklin
Cashflow Game – St. Patrick’s Day Edition – 17.03.2024

17/03/2024 11:11 am

Space for Change, Amsterdam

Jacob Van Lennepkade 340-H


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