The Website uses cookies. Cookies an essential part of the Internet technology and are commonly used for web browsing. They are small computer files that the Website sends to your browser, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Your browser stores this file on the hard drive of your device and can retrieve it upon your subsequent visit to the Website. Your device is assigned a unique number, which allows the Website to later recognise your device.
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Cookies make it possible for the Website to remember you and as a result, provide you with a more personal and convenient Website experience. The Website makes use of a variety of cookies ranging from short-term, session-based cookies that expire when you close your browser window, to long-term cookies, which make it possible for LaMatu to remember your device and your preferences. Enabling cookies can also prevent certain things from happening, such as a pop-up message being displayed to you twice. In addition, the cookies may also be used to display relevant advertising messaging to you. Please note that if you disable some of the cookies, certain services or pages on the Website may not be available to you at all, or may not function properly.


3.1. Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. Blocking or deleting them may result in suboptimal functioning of the Website’s functionalities. Without them you may not be able to book your appointment or process your payment. Furthermore, some of your preferences, such as language and location may not be stored.

3.2. Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies do not contain personal data. This data is not personally identifiable and is only used for the purposes of statistics and reporting. Analytical cookies are used to collect anonymised data in order to track the performance, quality and effectiveness of the Website. Based on these results, the Website’s content and functionalities can be continuously improved. The navigation by its visitors on the Website can be analysed using metrics such as time and pages visited. The service used for website analytics is Google Analytics. It assigns unique, randomised numbers to the website visitors on the basis of which visitor, session and advertising campaign data may be analysed. These cookies shall not be used for Google’s proprietary goals.

3.3. Tracking cookies

LaMatu asks your permission to place tracking cookies. Tracking cookies are a specialised type of cookie that can be shared by more than one website or service. They are commonly used for marketing and advertising purposes. Because the tracking cookies contain your browsing history across multiple sites, LaMatu will be able display marketing and advertising messages most relevant to you.

3.4. Social media cookies

The Website features buttons with links to social media by Meta such as WhatsApp Business and Instagram as well as LinkedIn. Please consult the Privacy Policy of Meta, LinkedIn or other sites before deciding to use their services. Thanks to these buttons you can be redirected to these social media sites. Please note that the social media platforms may gather some information once you make use of these social media buttons. If you already are a user of these platforms, their cookies may be set through LaMatu Website and linked to your social media account with the provider of that social media platform. The cookies of the social media platforms may later be used by third party advertisers. LaMatu has no control over that process nor can it influence how the social media platforms further handle the data they receive.
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You can manage your cookie preferences via your Internet browser settings. This is where you can always delete or disable your cookies. If you choose so, no more cookies will be saved resulting from your visit to the Website. You may also choose not to give LaMatu your permission for placing cookies, but bear in mind that this will seriously inhibit your ability to use the Website.


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