Nurture in nature

Walk & Talk

An outdoor session format in Westerpark, Amsterdam. The coaching conversation takes place during a walk in the park at your own, natural pace.
Walk and talk
Why choose a Walk & Talk Coaching Session?

Get moving and discover the answers to your questions in a natural way, walking side-by-side with the coach. This session format is perfectly suited for introverts and highly-sensitive individuals as well as those who simply cannot sit still and need to be on the move. 

If your work consists of a lot of sitting indoors, then a walk in the park may be very beneficial for you in order to balance the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.
Walking in nature works in a healing way, it reduces stress and fosters creative, out of the box thinking.
There is no need for constant eye contact, which makes the session feel less intense than a face-to-face or online conversation.
Planning your “Walk & Talk” appointment is literally a walk in the park. Easy booking is available directly through this website. Simply reserve the available time-slot most convenient to you directly in my agenda. I am looking forward to meet you soon in person at Westerpark.

Choose your package

Simply book a single session to get started, or choose a value package of multiple sessions. All packages include a free online discovery call, “Get the most of your coaching” e-booklet, custom-made exercises in-between the sessions and email support throughout the trajectory.


per session
  • Free discovery call
  • 75 min

3 Sessions

for 3 sessions
  • Free discovery call
  • 225 min (±1 month)
  • E-booklet
  • Personalised programme
  • Email support

5 Sessions

for 5 sessions
  • Free discovery call
  • 375 min (±2 months)
  • E-booklet
  • Personalised programme
  • Email support

10 Sessions

for 10 sessions
  • Free discovery call
  • 750 min (±3 months)
  • E-booklet
  • Personalised programme
  • Email support
All prices include 21% VAT (BTW).