The real deal

Couple Sessions

A proper human connection in a private practice in the centre of Amsterdam.
Why choose a Face-to-Face Couple Session?
Each conversation is a unique experience as every session is tailored to the specific needs of you as a couple. Discover the power of real, human interaction to uncover the answers to your couple’s most important questions. Allow yourself the space to explore the dilemmas you are facing in a private setting and a safe environment, free from the distractions and stresses of the everyday life.
Holding the session in the comfort of the the practice room allows for a safe and fully private setting. Allocating specific time and space to your coaching trajectory makes you both treat it as a serious commitment. My experience shows the couples that visit the practice together are experiencing a deeper effect as opposed to those opting for online sessions.
An in-person session is typically more intense than a session online or outdoors and hence often proves to be more powerful. It also allows for more varied formats. In addition to a traditional dialogue we may decide to incorporate specific exercises such as  working with insight cards.
By booking a session in the practice you ensure that you can fully focus with your undivided attention. By allowing yourself to be fully present, you leave all the distractions outside and make sure that nothing can interfere with the interaction. This is one of the reasons why this format is highly effective.
You can plan your appointment directly through this website. Simply book the available time-slot most convenient for both of you directly in my agenda. I am looking forward to meet you soon in person and welcome you at LaMatu.

Choose your package

Simply book an intake session of 90 minutes to get started. Afterwards you may choose a value package of multiple sessions of 75 minutes each. All packages include custom-made exercises in-between the sessions and email support throughout the trajectory.

Intake Session

per session
  • 1 session of 90 min

6 Sessions

for 6 sessions
  • 6 sessions of 75 min
  • 450 min (±2 months)
  • Personalised programme
  • Email support

9 Sessions

for 9 sessions
  • 9 sessions of 75 min
  • 675 min (±3 months)
  • Personalised programme
  • Email support

12 Sessions

for 12 sessions
  • 12 sessions of 75 min
  • 900 min (±4 months)
  • Personalised programme
  • Email support

All prices including 21% VAT (BTW)