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Calibration Session

Have you completed a workshop or a coaching trajectory at LaMatu? Are you looking for a quick check-in moment? Plan 45-minute-long online calibration session and we will quickly pick up the conversation where we have last left off.
Online Callibration
Why can an online calibration be helpful?
Imagine that after a workshop at LaMatu or some time after finishing your coaching trajectory you find yourself in need of a bit of guidance. Maybe you need to make an important decision and find yourself asking the question “I wonder what my coach would say”. If that’s the case, this calibration session is just what you need.

This type of session is offered only to existing clients. As your life evolves, new questions may arise. You may be preparing for a crucial conversation, negotiating a salary raise, considering a career change or a geographical move. Whatever the new question is, it is easier to talk through it with a coach who already knows you.

As we already know each other, it will be easy to pick up the thread of our previous conversations. No small talk, maximum efficiency. As the calibration call is an online conversation, the 45 minutes of your undistracted attention is the only time investment that you need to make.

This mini-session is meant as a follow-up moment, and therefore it is shorter than regular individual conversations. This duration offers a possibility to quickly check in, brainstorm and fine-tune. Unlike a longer coaching trajectory, you are booking a single session only. No strings attached!

You can plan your appointment directly through this website. Simply book the available time-slot most convenient to you directly in my agenda. I will see you soon at the other side of the screen!

More questions?

It may well be that either during a workshop session at LaMatu or after finishing your coaching trajectory you may have discovered something that deserves a bit more attention. If you’d like to go through it with the coach on a one-on-one basis, the calibration session is just the perfect format to give some space to your question. You may have realised that there still is some unfinished business or you may want to follow through after your coaching trajectory with some new questions. Whatever your reason is, welcome back!

Online calibration session

Welcome back
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It’s been a while. What’s new? Looking forward to reconnect!

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