LaMatu offers a variety of coaching services, including online consultations, face-to-face conversations and an active coaching session format during a walk in the park. Sessions may be booked individually or as packages of multiple sessions. Each trajectory starts with a free intake appointment and includes a complimentary e-booklet “Get the most of your coaching” as well as custom-made exercises and email support in-between the sessions. Select the type of conversation that you are interested in and discover the pricing options for various coaching packages.

Discovery Call

Hello from the inside
Let’s get to know each other. Meet the coach from the comfort of your own home and find out if Monika is the right coach for you during a complimentary, 30-minute-long intake session. Articulate your goals and discover if she offers the right approach for you during during this online exploratory session.

Face-to-Face Conversation

The real deal
A proper human connection in a private practice in the centre of Amsterdam. Each conversation is a unique experience as every session is tailored to your specific needs. Discover the power of real interaction to uncover the answers to your life’s most important questions.

Walk & Talk

Nurture in nature
An outdoor session format in Westerpark, Amsterdam. The coaching conversation takes place during a walk in the park at your own, natural pace. Get moving and discover the answers to your questions in a natural way, walking side-by-side with the coach.

Online Conversation

Depth over distance
This format is well suited for those living outside of Amsterdam, digital nomads, frequent travellers, parents, or anyone who likes to save commute time, be efficient and get straight to the point. Plan your digital coaching session from the comfort of your own home, office or any other location.

Calibration Call

Welcome back
This 45-minute-long online session is designed as a quick check-in moment and offered exclusively to existing LaMatu clients. It is a follow-up session for those have already completed their coaching trajectory or a workshop at LaMatu. Clients can easily plan an online calibration session coaching conversation to get a bit of guidance whenever new questions arise.

‘It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.’ 

Tony Robbins