Hello, I'm Monika.

I was born in Warsaw, Poland. At the age of 22, during my studies, I embarked on my expat adventure. The journey first brought me to Spain and Germany. I finally got enchanted by Amsterdam and in 2008 I decided to settle for good in the Netherlands.
As far as I can remember I have been fascinated by languages and different cultures. Speaking five languages, having lived and worked in four different countries and visited another fifty-eight across five continents helped me broaden my horizons, foster an international mindset and develop cross-cultural skills.
Personal development has been a red thread in my life. As a coach I practice what I preach. Up until today I continue with mentoring sessions, personal development events and advanced yoga teacher studies.

The Coach

Business Experience

As a career, life and mindset coach I bring in over 16 years of professional experience working in international corporate environments. Prior to becoming a coach I accumulated rich business expertise including managing complex projects and leading international teams. 

Holistic Approach

In addition to my international perspective and business acumen and I bring in a breath of personal experience in the area of personal development, NLP, meditation, energy work, alternative healing methods and yoga. A deep sense of curiosity feeds my life-long inspiration for understanding and bettering the human condition.

Professional Credentials

In order to become professionally certified as a career, mindset, personal leadership and lifestyle coach I have completed extensive formal training in the Netherlands and UK over a period of 8 years. I am a registered member of several renowned institutions in coaching and alternative therapies. In 2024 I was awarded the title  “Most Transformational Coach in Amsterdam” by Corporate Vision. You may find an extensive list of my credentials in the tab “Qualifications”.

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Corporate Experience

As a life and mindset coach I bring in 16 years of working experience working in international corporate environments. As a business professional I have accumulated rich business experience including managing projects and leading teams. My background is in marketing of consumer goods in industries such as electronics, home furnishing, retail and beauty for leading international consumer brands across Europe, including IBM, Bosch, Siemens, Dyson, Philips, IKEA, Nikon and L’Oréal.

Professional Highlights

Knowledge is power, but the proof is in the pudding. Throughout my 16 years of working for international corporations I have gathered a fair amount of real-life business experience. I got to apply the skills in a variety of marketing, project and team management roles, working with people from diverse cultures, professional backgrounds and personalities. Here are a few key figures showing my business side.

professional work experience in corporate organisations
in team management positions at international companies
corporate multinational organisations with a global footprint
university degrees including international management
in project management including traditional and agile methods

Coaching style

Focus on Present and Future

During the coaching sessions we work with reality as it presents itself in the current moment. This awareness creates a fertile ground for introspection and self-reflection. The focus lies on the present situation as a basis for creating a compelling future vision, as opposed to dwelling in the past. It is thanks to this momentum that change can take place.

Fresh Perspective and Clarity

The coaching process may result in revealing the tricks of the mind, removing obstacles in the form of limiting beliefs, dispelling the chaos of thoughts and thus facilitating new insights.  The newly gained perspective allows to make decisions with ease, looking from a new stance. The clarity that emerges as a result of the coaching process provides a basis for healthy life choices in tune with the coachee’s values and aspirations.

Compassionate & Respectful

My coachees often describe me as compassionate and respectful. I believe in mind, body and soul connection, which dictates a holistic approach. It is my intention is to hold the space where thoughts, emotions and sensations are equally welcome.

visited across all continents except for one
of expat experience across Europe
that I have called home in four different countries
Dutch, English, German, Polish and Spanish

the journey

Global Mindset

I moved many times in my adult life, and consider myself a citizen of the world and seasoned expat. Having lived and worked in multiple European countries, I was lucky to have had the opportunity to learn to speak Polish, English, German, Spanish and Dutch. I also understand basic Russian and French. If I could pick another language to learn, that would be Japanese.

World Travels

I have a curious mind, I like to explore and learn new things, be it by traveling, talking to people, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts or reading. I travel as far as I can and as often as I can. I have traveled to all continents except for one. So far, I visited 58 countries and I keep counting…

Inner Journeys

I believe that this travel quote equally applies to any inward journey that one may undertake. By starting a  coaching trajectory you embark on a journey of self-discovery. You may come to discover that the only way out is in. I wish you the curiosity and courage to take the first step on that path.

‘Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.’

Paulo Coelho

sources of inspiration

Lifelong Learning

Besides languages and travel my personal interests include reading. I am an avid reader, and if you share my passion for the written word, I will be happy to recommend some books as a source of inspiration during your coaching trajectory. If you prefer experiences, I can share tips and recommendations on where to seek them. 

Moved by Inner Beauty

My mission is to help people recognise their inner beauty and be able to appreciate the beauty of the world we live in. I aim to leave each coachee inspired and empowered to design and create a life fully lived and aligned with their highest purpose.


Enough about me. Let me hear your story.